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We strive to make our customers and their projects successful.  As such we have many satisfied clients around the globe that have many nice things to say about us.

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"Appliquertech has been a perfect fit with our office to finish projects on time and meet deadlines. Good communication and quality workmanship has made outsourcing a breeze.  No longer do we have to worry about the capacity of our staff for large projects. I would highly recommend Appliquertech for all of your programming and development needs."


Denise Deems, President,  IT
- Dmark Designs(Web Design / Graphics Design)


"Appliquer tech provides a great service and great turn around time for my clients. I would recommend them to any company looking to outsource."


Nick, Owner
- US Based IT Firm(Website design company)


Having worked with AppliQuer for past several months, we've been very happy with the fast turn arround, professional work, and the great product.


We look forward to continue our fruitful relationship with AppliQuer.

~ Sean Hastings, CEO
- US Based IT Firm (Software consulting company)



The Appliquertech Team has been an incredible find for us. They have delivered to date, three (3) large design and development projects and fifteen (15) smaller lead generation, sales and marketing sites. Their work is top quality, efficient, delivered on time every time. To make matters even better, their pricing is very fair, In fact we estimate our cost savings since switching over to the Appliquertech Team, to be approximately $13,000. I could not ask for a better IT Services Company. Vik, has personally guided my projects from beginning to end. I do not have time for multiple meeting and endless questionnaires and e-mails just to launch a project. I also do not have the necessary patience or skills necessary to subcontract each aspect of a project and manages all of individuals involved. Appliquertech Team, takes care on all of that for me with their own team of dedicated staff. Vik, listens to my needs and the project vision, offers solutions and gives me a projected plan of action. Once I say go, he is off and running. The entire teams communication is great by phone, Skype, e-mail and IM. I receive as much information on the status of my jobs as I need, actually more than I need. I really can not say enough nice things about working with The Appliquertech Team. They are great people to work with. They are responsible, professional and completely responsive to my needs.


Bottom line. Vik and The Team are the best I have found since 2002. They will take care of you and your project. The end result will be quality work done at reasonable prices and delivered on time! There is nothing they can not accomplish in the IT, Web Design and Development arena. I am sure glad we found them when we did. It has increased our bottom line and allows us to deploy complex application on a moments notice.


Scott Edward;Vice President of Consultant Services
USA Loan Modification, California, USA
Phone - 1-800-506-0164


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